mäder Accessories – Handle & Plate

mäder Accessories – Handle & Plate: ERGO handle for all mäder manual presses

The ERGO handle designed for mäder manual presses significantly improves the ergonomic features of the press, making it more comfortable and user-friendly to operate. The handle’s unique design allows for horizontal rotation, enabling the press to be easily operated even without an operator present. This feature greatly enhances the overall ease of use and functionality of the press, providing a more efficient and user-friendly

mäder Accessories - Handle & Plate: 
The ERGO handle for mäder manual presses enhances the ergonomics of the press. The horizontal, rotating handle allows the press to be operated without a handle, enhancing the press’s user-friendliness.

mäder Accessories – Handle & Plate: Base plate – if you want your manual press to remain mobile

mäder Accessories - Handle & Plate:
The manual press fixed on the practical base plate stands solidly without tilting. Rubber stoppers prevent it from slipping. Two sliding threaded inserts can be adjusted to match the spacing of the mounting holes on the press.

The manual presses are securely positioned on a sturdy base plate, ensuring stability and preventing any tilting. Additionally, rubber stoppers are incorporated to offer resistance against slipping or sliding. In order to align the mounting holes on the press accurately, the presence of two sliding threaded inserts allows for easy adjustments and precise positioning.

Overall dimensions (PDF): ST 250

Power meets maximum precision: mäder is one of the leading German brands for high-quality manual and pneumatic presses. Guaranteed to be “Made in Germany”.

Where the highest levels of precision and reliability are required, mäder presses are in demand everywhere: mäder presses are mainly used in non-cutting manufacturing – but especially in assembly technology, precision mechanics and electrical engineering for a variety of applications such as mounting, pressing, joining, bending, crimping, riveting and gluing.