mäder – Manual Impact Presses

mäder Manual Impact Presses uses kinectic energy. When used right where needed, manual impact presses are ideal for stamping and riveting in small batch sizes. The impact force is an infinitely variable via the star knob.

Manual presses by mäder offer virtually maintenance-free operation and an ergonomic and user-friendly design.

mäder Manual Impact Presses are ideal for stamping small quantities and riveting. How this works: As soon as the ram with the clamped tool reaches the workpiece, a spring is tensioned by applying force to the manual lever. The stored spring energy is abruptly transmitted to the workpiece at the end of the spring-tensioning stroke. The impact force is infinitely variable via the star knob.

Type: FE

HP 200 FE5,50 kN20 mm75 mm
HP 250 FE5,50 kN20 mm75 mm

Manually operated presses by mäder provide outstanding economy for your production processes and batch sizes which require no automation. Depending on their intended application, these machines have different strength characteristics which make them easy to use in applications where necessary. It matches production requirements which include toggle, impact, rack and pinion and laboratory presses.

Round rams with high strength, solid surface and precise bore are used in mäder presses and are either guided in precision honed bores or in precise Teflon bushings. It is available for quick and flexible use in the application where mder makes presses with variable force characteristics to meet production demands such as toggle, impact, rack and pinion or laboratory machines under a variety of operating conditions. Using a fixation screw, tools will be fixed securely in the ram bore tools.