Allenair Valve – Catalog

4-Way Valves

Allenair’s 4-way, 2 position valves are rugged and field proven with the ability to be mounted on any plane. These valves use a precision polished metal on metal slider style seal, which means the seal only gets better over time. This allows for ultra-fast shifting and valve longevity to match the life expectancy of your equipment, often exceeding 10 million cycles. These valves are available with many different operator options, including UL rated explosion proof.

P-Series 3-Way/4-Way Lapped Spool Valves

We also have P-Series lapped spool valves, which are 2 position valves in either 3 or 4-way configuration. These valves have a very high cycle rate, which can exceed 2,000 cycles per minute, and have a very high flow rate with a Cv up to 1.5. There are many operator options and they are able to be manifold mounted with common pressure inputs. These are great in any industrial application requiring high cycle rates and long service life.

2-Way/3-Way Direct Acting Solenoid Valves

Allenair’s line of direct acting, 2 position, 2 and 3-way solenoid valves have the quality to keep your equipment up and running for the duration. These valves are available as normally closed, normally open, or multi-purpose. All types can be supplied in various operating pressure ranges and satisfy a wide variety of applications. The valve bodies are offered in hard coated aluminum, brass, or stainless steel. These valves are also offered with many different power supply options and operator styles, including UL rated explosion proof. These valves are great in applications where mounting space is at a premium and performance is critical. The direct action of this valve ensures quick response and long functional life due to the minimum amount of moving components.

Omni Series Spool Valves

Allenair offers a wide range of standard spool valves in our Omni Series line. The Omni valve comes in 3 different body sizes, 2 and 3 position and 2, 3, and 4 way options. These also come in many different operator options, making it one of the most flexible valve lines on the market, ensuring that we have the valve to fit any application need. We have created the perfect combination of quality, performance, and flexibility to give you the best bang for your buck.

4-Way Direct Acting Valves

Great things sometimes come in small packages. Our compact 2 position, 4 way direct acting valves have been designed and manufactured to the highest level of performance and quality.  These valves use a polished slider and base for sealing, which ensures quick response timebetter sealing as the product ages, and longevity to exceed your equipment’s life. Every valve is tested with helium, making it an instrument grade valve.

Switching from an overseas low-quality valve provider to Allenair can help your products perform up to task without concern. If there is a problem, we can quickly respond to and address it as a partner. If your company values quality, Allenair is the right solution to all of your industrial valve needs.

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